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Oct 12, 2018

Crowdfunding is a great way to capture new donors. This socially-connected and optimized online giving platform is now in use by over half of higher education institutions for fundraising in one form or another. We’ve released our 2018 Crowdfunding Index, which reviews over 5,000 charitable crowdfunding campaigns on the RNL ScaleFunder platform, with combined giving of $73 Million. I got on the line with RNL crowdfunding expert Mary Grace Baldo to review the data, and talk about key trends and what’s next for this great way to engage donors.

Download the full Index here

Crowdfunding now has wide adoption, and we’re seeing some great things as institutions further include crowdfunding into their overall giving strategy. The technology has come a long way, and can integrate directly into your current gift processing and stewardship plans. And when you look at the stats for first-year crowdfunding programs, the ROI can be really great.

You’re going to want a partner who understands how to implement the technology across all your channels, so your crowdfunding program becomes an integrated part of how you talk with donors for annual giving, special projects, and even major gift campaigns. We were the early adopters of charitable crowdfunding here at RNL, and we have years of experience to help you be successful. Give us call and get a demo of what RNL crowdfunding, powered by ScaleFunder, can do for you.