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Jun 21, 2019

One of the consistent things that I hear from institutions that I work with is that they're really interested in doing a better job engaging younger donors. We call them millennials. We're lucky enough at RNL to have two millennials of our own. Peter Christian and Quinn McGourty-Holland, who are just rock stars. They spend their days talking with RNL partners about new solutions and how best to surprise and delight what could be the most generous generation in history. We're going to watch something fun today, and it's the designated millennials podcast, as part of Fundraising Voices, here at RNL. For the first episode, I got on the line with Quinn and Peter to talk a little bit about how they think we could do a good job engaging their own generation, a group of alumni that is often giving at about one half the rate of the overall alumni population.

Key insights:

- Make giving easy, fun and social

- Use engaging technologies like crowdfunding, giving days and social media to change the game with young donors

- Authenticity is key, and let the donors become part of the conversation

- Millennial donor engagement is probably the best way to engage everyone!