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Feb 4, 2021

It’s one thing to talk about access to education, and it’s another thing to live it, to make transformative change for a diverse and global population of students. Tanya Ramos, CEO of of Pencils of Promise, is doing just that. I got her on the line to talk about the mission of Pencils of Promise, how they’ve supported the building of over 500 schools worldwide, and how we can lead as philanthropic innovators in this challenging time. Here’s our conversation.

Tanya offers some great advice – focusing on relationships, getting current with the newest tech, and demonstrating impact-- maybe even hands on. All will increase the response and loyalty of donors. And Tanya shares how providing clear goals and milestones to new advancement leaders that you bring on board is a key way to recruit top, diverse talent, and to keep it. The challenging times we’re facing have impacted education across the globe, and It’s great to hear what Pencils of Promise is accomplishing.

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