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Mar 31, 2017

Tim Sandoval, reporter for the Chronicle of philanthropy, has his finger on the pulse of where people are giving, and how fundraisers are marketing to their supporters. He regularly covers big trends, like tax policy and regulation, but also jumps headlong into tactics being used by the best organizations. You read articles from him almost daily in the Chronicle. I’ve had a few chances to talk with Tim in the past about philanthropy news and trends, and I wanted to get him on the line to talk about what he’s seeing in the first part of 2017, and were we might be going next.

Tim makes great points about reaching out to donors during a time of change. The Chronicle of Philanthropy is a great source for news, tactics and advice on how to shape your fundraising program. You can head over to to see their coverage, as well as special reports and fundraiser tool kits. Monitoring the broad trends in philanthropy and public policy are important to deciding what to do next with both your annual and major donors.