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Jan 17, 2017

Online giving is growing rapidly. We’ve all seen our online donation activity rise, and this is a big transition for many fundraising programs, as online giving grows at up to three times the rate of over all giving. Mike Kim at iATS payments knows a lot about this. As one of the largest payment processing providers for non-profits, the company has seen a lot of growth in online giving, and is following the trends closely. I got Mike on the line to talk about payment integration, building trust and security with donors, how to optimize the online giving experience, and what’s next for online giving.

Included in the podcast are:

  • How you're doing more than collecting gifts with your online giving.
  • Keys to building relationships and trust with your online portal.
  • Taking donors from interest to transaction completion.
  • The difference between merchant accounts and payment aggregators
  • New trends in online transactions

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