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Jan 12, 2017

Telling a compelling to story--highly personalized, evoking emotion, encouraging action right now--is a big part of fundraising success in the 21st century.

Caryn Stein, Vice President here at RNL knows this. She’s spent her career doing just that to help hundreds of charities. I got Caryn on the line to talk about the power of digital engagement, storytelling, and what she thinks is next for the future of fundraising.

She calls it storytelling "surround sound" and explains how engaging donors in a personalized, powerful way through technology can really amplify your results.

Covered in the podcast are:

  • How telling a compelling story is important to your fundraising
  • How using technology is a way to make this more personal
  • The future of social and digital engagement with donors
  • Taking donors on a personal journey
  • How storytelling leads to donor action

If you want to find out how RNL uses these tactics to take your program to the next level, drop us a line.