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Feb 4, 2021

Kevin Collins, Associate Vice President and Assistant Athletics Director for athletics development at the University of Iowa is part of a fundraising family. And he's been engaging donors for decades across a wide range of institutions. We talked with Kevin about the incredible generosity of athletics donors, even when they can't see competitions or be at events in the same way during the pandemic.

College athletics has faced a lot of challenges in this pandemic, and it’s great to hear from Kevin how donors have stepped up to support the teams, coaches and students they love. As Kevin describes, Patience, persistence, and giving people the flexibility to innovate in this challenging time are a big part of why the Iowa team is having success. It turns out we can engage donors, even when we can’t be next to them physically. Thanks to Kevin, and the two other members of the Collins family that we’ve featured, for the great insights.

Check out the Hawkeyes and the great ways they engaging athletes and donors