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Sep 24, 2019

The basic job description of a fundraiser is to reah out to donors, listen to them, and provide opportunities. To see if there might be a chance that the donors want to make a difference for your organization, institution, school or charity. Well, increasingly, those conversations will happen with numerous members of the donor's family or even 's financial planners. Arlene Cogen used to be a financial planner, someone who was really focused on amassing money for her clients.

Then, she left financial planning and became a fundraiser. She began to really talk to fundraisers about how to engage financial planners and found that fundraisers don't need to be afraid, and financial planners can engage with their clients about how to increase philanthropy and find joy in giving. I got on the line with Arlene to talk a little bit about her book and the way she suggests people should engage donors, their families and their financial planners in the 21st century.

Read Arlene's book, Give to Live

And find out how she helps organizations truly inspires donors: