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Aug 30, 2019

Philanthropy is more than money. It's more than values. It's all the other ideas and time of the things that they bring, and this is becoming more and more critical as we look at the younger generations. We spend a lot of our time in the fundraising world thinking about how we can better connect to donors, how we can make the ask better, how we can engage donors, how we can increase their passion for giving. But we're probably not spending enough time thinking about how we work, how we can work more effectively, and how we behave as leaders.

Well, Larry Johnson knows this and he's written a book called The Eight Principles, and has a really great training program and opportunities for fundraisers to really think about how they're developing as leaders. He's actually somebody who knew Stephen Covey himself and I got on the line with them to talk about The Eight Principles and how we can be better leaders in the nonprofit world.

Here's link to Larry's great book on Amazon.

And here's the 8 Principles web site.